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RPG Gamers - Rolling high is all about using Chessex dice to give yourself an advantage over your opponent!

Chessex® is a company founded in 1987 that specializes in dice and gaming accessories. Their mission is to offer high-quality gaming products at a fair price.

Chessex is among the top RPG dice brands of the world and is the most popular of these products. The vast majority RPG dice come from Chessex. Chessex manufactures almost all polyhedral dice from the most opaque, to the transparent and Speckled style, to the deluxe ones. 

Chessex dice are a classic game accessory that every gamer should have in their collection. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, these dice will make your next game night even more exciting. Plus, the high quality of Chessex dice means that you can trust them to roll true every time. Whether you're playing Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, or just having a rollicking good time with friends at the local game store, you need these dice to play your best. So put a set in your next order. 

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