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Hey people this will be the beginning  of the Cardtastic blog where staff members and even some guests will write articles, posts or even reviews of some of the stuff we stock, tips for games and a whole lot more. So watch this space for interesting, silly and hopefully helpful content.

COVID-19 Updates

By CardTastic Collectables and Gaming on March 23, 2020 in | comments

To our customers, in light of all the concerns with COVID-19, we will be making changes to our store. The shop front will be CLOSED until it is safe to reopen. The online store will remain OPEN so anything you need can be purchased online and either delivered or picked up from the warehouse. 

We will update you with our changes, if you have any questions please feel free to message us. Stay safe everyone!




By Sam on April 8, 2018 in | comments
So the next standard set to be released is going to be Dominaria, which I'm sure you all know if you don't live under rocks. This is the first time I've been excited for a standard set since Tarkir block and let me tell you why.
Hey people, this week I'd like to take break from reviewing things and write a commentary on the current meta for the Dragon Ball Super TCG and give some insight on why we have decided to ban Mecha-Frieza in-store.
 Disclaimer: This game is one of my favourite games of all time so this review may be slightly biased :P. I love this game and I hope that others who get a chance to play it will too, so in an effort to give you a bit of an idea of what Mansions is about and how it works I have written this review.
 With it's release just around the corner and a few practice games under my belt I thought I'd do a basic review of Fantasy Flight's newest Star Wars offering: Star Wars Legion.