Icky Sticky Glues


How to choose the best icky sticky glue for you

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Icky Sticky Glue

Icky Sticky Glues are a great crafting tool for both children and adults. They are made of various types of materials, come in many shapes and sizes, and can be used to do all sorts of things. From school projects to home decoration, there's an adhesive for any project you have in mind! Here we'll go through the different types so that you know what might work best for your needs.

How to store your Icky Sticky Glues.

When the temperature and humidity rises, correctly storing your CA adhesives will significantly extend their shelf life. The fridge is the ideal location! Keep it in an airtight container away from curious hands, then let it come to room temperature when ready to use.

Replace the lid firmly after each use and clean out the nozzle.

Types of glues.


Medium CA

The first type of icky sticky glue is medium CA glue. This adhesive is perfect for bonding lightweight materials together, such as paper, cardboard, and some types of plastic. It dries quickly and forms a strong bond that can be difficult to break. Be careful when using this type of glue, however- it's very sticky and can be a challenge to get off of your hands!

Thick CA

The second type of icky sticky glue is thick CA glue. This adhesive is perfect for bonding heavier materials together, such as metal, wood and some types of plastic. It dries slowly but forms a very strong bond that can be difficult to break. Be careful when using this type of glue- it's very heavy and can cause your project to become very top-heavy.

Thin CA

The third type of icky sticky glue is thin CA glue. This adhesive is perfect for bonding lightweight and delicate materials together, such as fabric, lace, and some types of plastic. It dries quickly and forms a very strong bond that can be difficult to break. Be careful when using this type of glue- it's very thin and can easily seep through tiny cracks and holes.

Foam Safe CA

THICKYSTICKY Foam Safe CA Hobby Glue is a low-viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive with little odor and blooming effects. This glue delivers excellent product performance and ease of manufacturing. Ventilation is no longer necessary, and frosted residues are reduced in critical cosmetic bonding.

Hobby and Craft PVA

Icky sticky glue is a type of PVA hobby and craft glue. This water-based, multi-purpose adhesive is suitable for a wide range of adhesives and crafts. When dry, it has a clear color and forms an excellent bond. It's non-toxic, sets quickly, and doesn't stain.

Rubber Toughened CA

Black rubber toughened CA is perfect for gap-filling applications that require superior strength and flexibility. This medium-viscosity CA offers excellent resistance to peel and shock loads, making it ideal for use in high-stress environments. When used in conjunction with IckySticky CA Activator, Cure Speed is accelerated for a quick and easy installation.

Thick Gel CA

Thick Gel CA Hobby Glue is specially formulated to work on vertical and inverted surfaces. Bonds porous and non-porous materials with ease, making it the perfect choice for a variety of projects. This thick gel consistency allows for large gap filling capabilities, so you can be sure that no detail will be missed. The adhesive also drips and runs minimally, making it easy to use even in tricky spots.

Hobby Glues Thick CA

When you need to fill in those huge gaps, Thick CA Hobby Glue is the answer! This high viscosity formula is designed for maximum coverage, and cures slowly to give you plenty of time to get things in just the right position. Fully cured in just 60 seconds or less!

Hobby Glue Medium CA

Medium CA Hobby Glue is a gap filling formula adhesive that works on most surfaces. It’s the perfect product for anyone who needs to bond quickly and effectively! You can use this glue to fill gaps in ceramic, aluminium, pottery, fibreglass, rubber, leather veneer and most plastics. It also works well with wood and metal! This glue will allow you to work fast without sacrificing quality. The best part is it only takes 7-10 seconds for positioning before full cure in 20 seconds! That means no more waiting around while your project dries.

Hobby Glue Thin CA

Looking for an incredibly versatile hobby glue that will bond to almost any surface? Look no further than Thin CA Hobby Glue! With its thin viscosity and quick-setting penetrating formula, this glue is perfect for bonding through oily or dirty surfaces. It also excels at wicking action, making it ideal for use on metal, wood, fibreglass, rubber, and most plastics.

Fasy Set Epoxy

Bond it, fast! This dual syringe epoxy is an easy to use, convenient option for repairing and bonding a variety of materials. The resin resists water and shop solvents, so it's perfect for use on emblems, lettering, ornaments, auto trim, and radio knobs. Get your projects done quickly with this reliable product.

When it comes to choosing the best icky sticky glue for your needs, there are a variety of factors to consider. Each adhesive has its own unique properties that make it perfect for certain applications. So how do you decide which one is right for you?

First, consider the surface you're working with. Some glues work better on porous surfaces, while others bond better to non-porous materials. If you're not sure which type of material you're using, ask the manufacturer or consult an expert.

Second, think about the strength and flexibility required for the project. Certain glues are more resistant to shock loads or peeling than others. When in doubt, go with a thicker formula for maximum stability.

Finally, consider the curing time. Some glues set quickly while others take a little longer to dry. If you need a fast cure, look for an adhesive with a shorter drying time. Keep in mind that some glues require special activators or accelerators to achieve a quick cure.

No matter what your project entails, there's an icky sticky glue that's perfect for the job! So get out there and start bonding!