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Our Range of Jigsaw Puzzles

Welcome to CardTastic Collectables and Gaming! Discover our extensive selection of jigsaw puzzles that cater to various tastes and skill levels. Our inventory includes high-quality jigsaw puzzles from renowned manufacturers, featuring captivating imagery. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned puzzle veteran, we have the perfect challenge for you. Choose from a range of piece counts, from 100 pieces for beginners to intricate 5000-piece puzzles. Explore themes like serene landscapes, architectural wonders, animals, famous artworks, and fantasy scenes. Find the perfect jigsaw puzzle for every enthusiast at CardTastic! Shop now for a rewarding puzzle experience.

Brands We Carry

CardTastic Collectables and Gaming is your one-stop online jigsaw destination for a wide selection of jigsaw puzzles. Discover our extensive range of major brands including Aquarius, Clementoni, Cloudberries, Funbox, Ikon Collectables, Impact Puzzles, Licensing Essentials, Magic Puzzle Company, Masterpieces, Stephen Wilkes, Tenyo, Tilbury, U Games, USAOPOLY, and Winning Moves. With our diverse collection, we're confident you'll find the perfect puzzle to suit your preferences. Start exploring now!


Enhance your jigsaw puzzle experience with our extensive range of accessories. Choose from top-quality puzzle glue and specialized mats, specifically designed to streamline the assembly process. With our premium accessories, you can achieve a flawless fit for every puzzle piece, resulting in a picture-perfect final product. Explore our selection today for the ultimate convenience in completing your puzzles.

Quality Puzzles

At CardTastic Collectables and Gaming, we offer a wide range of top-quality puzzles crafted from premium materials. Our durable puzzles are designed to provide long-lasting enjoyment. With CardTastic, you can trust that you'll always receive the finest quality product. Explore our collection of high-quality puzzles today!

Number of Pieces in Our Puzzles

We at CardTastic Collectables and Gaming understand that the complexity of a puzzle is largely determined by the number of pieces it has. That's why our diverse collection caters to all skill levels, offering a range of puzzles with varying piece counts. 
For beginners or younger puzzlers, we offer puzzles with less than 500 pieces. These puzzles are a perfect introduction to the world of jigsaw puzzles, offering a rewarding yet manageable challenge. 
If you're slightly more experienced or looking for a moderate challenge, we have puzzles ranging from 500 to 999 pieces. These puzzles provide just the right balance of difficulty and enjoyment.
For the seasoned puzzlers or those seeking a substantial challenge, our collection of 1000 piece puzzles is the perfect choice. These puzzles can provide hours of engaging activity, resulting in an exquisite final image.
And for the puzzle experts or those who love an extreme challenge, we offer puzzles with 1000 or more pieces. These high-piece-count puzzles provide an intricate, immersive puzzle experience that can span several days or even weeks. Embark on a puzzle journey like no other with our extensive range now!

Novelty Puzzles

Our assortment at CardTastic Collectables and Gaming extends beyond traditional jigsaw puzzles and into the realm of novelty puzzles, where the fun is just beginning!

Scratch-Off Puzzles

Experience a new layer of excitement with our range of scratch-off puzzles. As you piece together your puzzle, a hidden image awaits. Once you've completed your masterpiece, use a coin to scratch off the top layer and reveal a stunning surprise. It's not only a puzzle, it's a thrilling uncovering experience!

Magical Surprise Puzzles

Dive into the world of mystery with our magical surprise puzzles. These are not your run-of-the-mill puzzles. Along with the challenge of piecing together the puzzle, the fun continues with a magical surprise at the end! Once completed, you'll be rewarded with an enchanting surprise that is sure to captivate your imagination.

Easter Egg Puzzles

Have you ever thought of combining a treasure hunt with a jigsaw puzzle? Well, look no further! Our Easter Egg puzzles are chock-full of over 50 hidden "Easter eggs" for you to discover as you piece together the puzzle.

Explore our novelty puzzles today for a unique, engaging puzzle experience!