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Vallejo Paints was founded in 1965 by Vallejo Fernandez. Vallejo Paints is a family-owned business that has been passed down through the generations. Vallejo Paints is based in Spain and has manufacturing facilities all over the world.

The Vallejo family has a commitment to quality and innovation. Vallejo Paints are constantly evolving to meet the needs of painters all over the world.

Vallejo Paint sets can be used for a variety of painting projects including painting models, miniatures, and even full-sized paintings.

Vallejo Paints produce a range of water based acrylic paints for models and miniatures. Their primary line is called Model Colour, but they also produce other ranges such as Game Colour, Model Air, and more. The paints are acrylic resin-based and loaded with pigments for maximum opacity and colour saturation. They can be brush-applied directly from the bottle or diluted with water for airbrushing. Vallejo Paints are popular among modelers and miniature painters because of their high quality paints and wide range of colours. There are over 200 colours available in the Model Colour line alone! Whether you're looking for basic colours or something more unique, whatever look your searching for, from wood to metal or even rust, Vallejo has you covered.

These high quality paints are made for durability to eliminate the risk of surface scratches and protect painted models. Vallejos range of quick drying formula paints ensure that your painted models stay dust and dirt free.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our wide selection of Vallejo Paint sets, model kits and individual Vallejo paints for your enjoyment and future projects!

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