Citadel Paints – The Perfect Paint for Warhammer Miniatures

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Citadel Paint – The Perfect Paint for Warhammer Miniatures

Citadel paints are a range of paints manufactured by Games Workshop. The original 12 colours were introduced in 1983, and the range has since expanded to over 200 different colours. Citadel paints are now made in England, Germany and the United States.

The paints are specially formulated for use on miniatures and models, and they come in a huge range of colours and shades and are well known for their high quality, vibrancy and durability. With Citadel paints, you can create any new colours you can imagine.

What are the different types?

Base Paints:
Base paints are the foundation of any good paint job. They have more pigment in them and are ideal as the first layer of paint over any undercoat. They help to even out the surface and provide a good base for subsequent layers of paint.

Shade Paints:

If you're looking to add some extra depth and definition to your models, then shade paints are a great option. These paints are designed to be washed over other colours, giving you the flexibility to create an all-over shade or recess shade. Shade paints are ideal for adding highlights and shadows, and can really bring your models to life.

Metallic Paints:
Metallic paints are a type of paint that contains metal particles, which give the paint a reflective metallic sheen. Unlike regular paints, metallic paints do not absorb light, but instead reflect it. This makes them ideal for painting objects that need to appear shiny or metallic, such as weapons and armour.

Contrast Paints:

Contrast paints are designed to give rich areas of colour and shading at the same time. This can be achieved by using two or more contrasting colours, or by using a single colour with different values of light and dark. Contrast paints can be used to create a variety of effects, from subtle variations in tone to dramatic contrasts that really make a statement. When used properly, contrast paints can add depth and dimension.

Dry Paints:

Dry paints are a type of paint that is best used to highlight raised areas. They are a thick paint that is highly pigment and only requires a small amount to be used. Dry paints are perfect for dry brushing. Dry brushing is a painting technique where the paint is applied to the surface with a dry brush. The brush should have very little paint on it so that only the tips of the bristles are coated.

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