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Tired of generic gaming stores with mediocre service and limited stock? At CardTastic, we're not just another store – we're your passionate guide to a world of thrilling adventures, epic battles, and endless possibilities. With over two decades of experience in the Australian gaming scene, we're dedicated to providing you with exceptional service at every step, from browsing our shelves to receiving your order in record time.

Dive into a Universe of Games:

Whether you're a seasoned Planeswalker wielding powerful spells in Magic: the Gathering or a budding adventurer exploring pixelated worlds in Minecraft, our Clayton store and online haven are overflowing with treasures:
A Gamer's Playground: From the iconic battles of Pokémon to the strategic duels of Yu-Gi-Oh!, we offer a vast selection of trading card games to ignite your competitive spirit.
Unleash Your Inner Hero: Gather your party and embark on epic quests with our extensive collection of board games, RPGs, and miniature games.

Celebrate Your Fandom: Show off your love for movies, TV shows, and video games with officially licensed figurines, Funko Pops, and other memorabilia.

Expert Guides at Your Fingertips:

Our passionate team isn't just knowledgeable about the games and collectibles we offer – they're fellow enthusiasts, eager to share their expertise and help you find the perfect purchase for your collection. Need a recommendation? Ask them anything!

Join the Thrill of Competition:

The fun doesn't stop at browsing at CardTastic. Our Clayton store is a vibrant hub for tournaments and events, from pre-release clashes in the latest trading card games to casual gatherings for board game enthusiasts. We aim in ensuring you experience the thrill of organized play in a welcoming and competitive environment.
Make CardTastic Your Gaming HQ:
We offer a seamless experience, whether you're visiting our store or shopping online:
Clayton Store: Come say hello to our friendly team, browse our extensive collection, and join in the excitement of live events.
Online Haven: Shop our diverse catalog, stay updated on upcoming tournaments, and connect with the CardTastic community from anywhere in Australia.
Fast & Reliable Delivery: We understand the excitement of getting your hands on new games! That's why we offer quick and reliable shipping options, with most orders processed within the same business day.
Secure & Convenient Payment: Purchase your items with confidence using VISA, Mastercard, Stripe, Afterpay, ZIP, PayPal,  or other secure payment methods.

Happy Customers, Happy Memories:

At CardTastic, we're not just about selling products – we're about creating happy customers and lasting memories. Whether you're a seasoned player looking for the latest competitive edge or a curious newcomer seeking your first adventure, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact Us Today:

Ready to embark on your next epic adventure? Visit our Clayton store, drop us a line on our website, or give us a call – we're always happy to chat about games, collectibles, and the joy of being part of a passionate community.
Thank you for choosing CardTastic! Let's make your gaming experience truly unforgettable.


Brief History of CardTastic Collectables and Gaming

The year is 1993. A spark ignites in an Australian family – a passion for collecting AFL and trading cards. Little did they know, this passion would one day blossom into CardTastic Collectables and Gaming, a beloved hub for gamers and collectors across the country. It all began humbly, with the family selling surplus items from their collection at stalls at the All Events Victoria Fairs. But soon, the hobby outgrew its initial bounds. Driven by their love for the hobby and a knack for spotting unique finds, the family started incorporating non-collection items into their offerings. Enter the Alien in a bottle from the X-Files, a testament to their willingness to embrace the unusual and exciting.

In 2002, CardTastic took a major leap forward with the opening of its first physical store in Ormond. Trading card games (TCGs) and collectible card games (CCGs) became the focus, with popular titles like Duel Masters and Star Wars Miniatures captivating the imaginations of young and old alike. Beanie Kids, the plush toy phenomenon of the time, also found a happy home on CardTastic's shelves.The Ormond store quickly became a hive of activity. Tournaments for various games, including X-Box tournaments, ran at full throttle, fostering a vibrant community of players and collectors. But as the business thrived, the space limitations of the Ormond store became apparent. In 2008, CardTastic made a big move, relocating to a larger space in Moorabbin.

The Moorabbin store served CardTastic well for six years, but the dream of even greater horizons beckoned. Finally, in 2014, the business found its permanent home in its current Clayton location. This spacious store, with its diverse selection of games, collectibles, and friendly staff, is a testament to the family's unwavering dedication to creating a one-stop shop for all things gaming and collecting. But CardTastic's story wouldn't be complete without mentioning the pivotal role of technology. A new website design by Mantis Technology in 2014 propelled the business into the digital age, opening up CardTastic's treasure trove to a wider audience than ever before. To cater to the growing online demand, an online warehouse location was also established in Clayton South, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and prompt delivery.

 Today, CardTastic Collectables and Gaming remains a true family business, proudly Australian-owned and operated. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings at the All Events Victoria Fairs, transforming into a beloved institution in the Australian gaming and collecting scene. With its commitment to excellent service, diverse product offerings, and vibrant community atmosphere, CardTastic is more than just a store – it's a playground for the imagination, a haven for passionate enthusiasts, and a testament to the enduring power of family, hobby, and a little bit of magic.



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