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Yu-Gi-Oh! LLDS

Entry fee is $ 20.

-  1 finalist from each of the major playing population states will be awarded the Flight/travel prize
 { Darwin will fall into the SA pool, Tasmania into the Victorian pool, and ACT into the NSW pool.}.

-  Players are awarded qualifying points. The number of points is dependent on number of players at your event. The winner is awarded 1 point for every 8 players or part thereof. EG, if you have a 33 player event, the winner will receive 5 points, 2nd placed 4 points, through to 5th place { 1 point}.

-  Players can play in multiple events.

- If 2 or more players from the same state end up on the same end point total, the prize goes to that player who got to those points first. 

-  The winner of each qualifier event will receive an exclusive LLDS mat. 

- Players must have a deck list.