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Hey everyone,

My name's Sam, I'm the Organised Play Manager for the store and I'll be writing some articles and reviews on here so i thought I'd give a bit of background on who I am and the things I'll be writing about. I've been playing Magic: the Gathering on and off for about 14 years now, it's always been the card game I've enjoyed most (and I've tried most of them). I always played video games, as a kid my SNES was my life, being able to put myself into these amazing worlds of fantasy and a few other genres but mostly fantasy blew my mind and that was it for me, games were what i wanted to do.

  It wasn't until my high school years that I discovered trading card games and started playing Magic, this was like playing a strategy game across the table from my friends, what an awesome way to spend my time. Then being a teenager overtook time for games as it usually does until I picked up Magic again when I was 18 and started playing standard but always longing to play legacy "what a king among formats" I thought, to play with these insanely powerful cards and in a metagame that was massive, there were hundreds of viable decks but alas, the buy in meant I couldn't afford to play this glorious format. Along came Modern: this was a format where the meta was diverse, the decks were powerful and I had most of the cards I needed! ever since I've been an avid Modern and Commander player and have dipped my toes a little into legacy recently.

  I've also fairly recently (about a year ago) gotten into the board gaming hobby and again what a way to play, I was used to the games we all played as kids: Monopoly, Trouble, Mousetrap, etc. Then a friend of mine got me to play Pandemic with them, how the game had changed since my childhood, there were now games in pretty much every genre I could imagine with themes ranging from Fantasy to Games-That-Are-Fun-When-You're-Drinking (it's crazy how many games have capitalised on that genre). Fast forward to now and I own more board games than I know what to do with and play fairly regularly with friends. I tend to be drawn to either strategic territory control games or story driven RPG-esque games but I'm always happy to play everything in between. So after much rambling that should give you a bit of an idea where I come from when I write about things on here and the kinds of things I'll be writing about. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all the content to come.