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Fish, Fish, Squish

A FAMILY MEMORY GAME: This fun action game combines creativity, memory, and heart-pounding excitement! Make your dough fish, flip the cards, and try to keep them from getting squished! This game is sure to provide a lot of giggles, chatter, and mashing.
SQUISH OR BE SQUISHED: To play Fish, Fish, Squish! first you make your school of colored dough fish using the provided molds. Then lay the cards out face down in a 6x6 grid. Each player takes turns flipping the cards, which have happy cartoons of blue, yellow, orange, or purple fish. The player who spots three fish in a row gets to squish any opponent’s fish, and the player with the last fish wins!
FOR PARENTS AND KIDS: A great game to play with the kids, you can also (with some supervision) let them make, play, and squish together! Recommended for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. Playing time averages 15 – 30 minutes.
ABOUT WINNING MOVES GAMES INC: Founded in 1995, Winning Movies is a leading producer of iconic board games, card games, and handheld puzzles. With a talented group of designers, developers, and marketers, our mission is to provide happiness to consumers by offering classic, retro, cool, and fun games for play with friends and family.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Fish, Fish, Squish! contains 1 deck of 54 colorful fish playing cards, 4 re-sealable bags of safe modeling fun dough (in blue, yellow, orange, and purple), 4 plastic fish molds, 


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