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GodHand: Nippers - Ultimate Nipper 5.0

Ultimate Ultra-Thin Single-Edge! Ultimate Sharpness!
Ultimate ultra-thin single-edge structure brings excellent performance and efficiency!

Ultimate Nipper is designed for the ultimate cut with a strong focus on gate cutting.
When trying to slice-cut a 3 mm dia. runner, the blade moves in smoothly and finishes cutting without sound.
The sharpness of the cutting edge achieves a smooth cut surface as if sharpened with a design knife and minimizes plastic whitening (a phenomenon in which the cut section turns white).
Compared to most nippers, the cut surface is much cleaner and neater, which makes it a good choice for those who want to complete plastic models without painting.

For those who paint plastic models, the cutting surface remains smooth and clean even if the blade is cut along the part without leaving a gate, thus shortening the time for gate processing with files or knives.
When cutting out small parts, parts are less likely to fly away, reducing the need to search for missing parts.
The standard force for cutting 3 mm dia. plastic is 2 kg or less. (General nippers are 3.5 kg to 10 kg)

? Cutting Edge and Single-Edged Structure Designed for Superior Sharpness
Ultimate Nipper’s superior sharpness comes from its thinly refined cutting edge and single-edge structure for a clean cutting.

·Ultra-thin cutting edge by craftsmanship
Ultimate Nipper’s well-crafted cutting edge is as thin and sharp as a knife.
It is created one by one through blade edging and sharpening by well-experienced craftspersons in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, a region famous for its cutlery.

·Single-edge structure for clean cutting
Ultimate Nipper adopts a single-edged blade structure for clean cutting surfaces.
Single-edged blade structure refers to a design in which one side of the blade is a cutting blade, and the other side is a cutting board blade. The blade is named ‘single-edged’ because only one blade (cutting edge) cuts on one side.

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