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Pokemon TCG 2017 World Championships Deck Kabu Fukase Samurai Sniper

Kabu runs a fairly standard Decidueye-GX and Golisopod-GX deck, choosing an even split between the two Grass-type Pokémon lines. With Acerola and Forest of Giant Plants, Kabu can use Decidueye-GX's Feather Arrow Ability, scoop up the Pokémon, then put down the entire line again to use Feather Arrow a second time. He can also use Acerola to return his Active Pokémon to his hand and promote a Benched Golisopod-GX; that Pokémon can then use its First Impression attack for an impressive 120 damage with just one Grass Energy.

Pokémon (21)
3 Golisopod-GX 17/147
3 Wimpod 16/147  
3 Decidueye-GX 12/149
3 Dartrix 10/149  
3 Rowlet 9/149  
2 Tapu Lele-GX 60/145
2 Tapu Koko SM30  
1 Espeon-EX 52/122  
1 Sudowoodo 66/145
Energy Cards (8)
5 Grass Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
Trainer Cards (31)
3 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Guzma
2 Acerola
1 Brigette
4 Forest of Giant Plants
4 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
2 Revitalizer
3 Choice Band
2 Field Blower
2 Float Stone



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