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Pokemon TCG 2017 World Championships Deck Zachary Bokhari Ice Path FTW

The combination of Alolan Ninetales-GX and Tapu Koko means no Pokémon can hide, allowing Zachary to make quick work of his opponent's Benched Pokémon. He has added a Karen into his deck, letting him recover all Pokémon from his discard pile back into his deck. This allows him a second chance to draw his Pokémon, as well as provide defense against any late-game Oricorio his opponent might use.

Pokémon (16)
4 Alolan Vulpix 21/145
3 Alolan Ninetales-GX 22/145  
2 Remoraid 31/162  
2 Octillery 33/162  
2 Tapu Lele-GX 60/145
1 Tapu Koko SM30  
1 Sudowoodo 66/145
1Giratina XY184  
Energy Cards (11)
7 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
Trainer Cards (33)
4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Guzma
1 Pokémon Center Lady
1 Karen
1 Brigette
1 Professor Kukui
3 Rough Seas
3 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Aqua Patch
3 Choice Band
2 Float Stone
1 Field Blower



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