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World of Warcraft Miniatures Spoils of War Booster

The World of Warcraft Miniature game brings all the traditional aspects of the online game and merges it with traditional miniature wargaming - it wields all the characters, classes, and lore you expect from Warcraft. 

The system works similar to the World of Warcraft's Player vs. Player system. The two opponents make a 'warband' of one to five miniatures of the same faction. You battle for victory points on the map using an arsenal of spell at your control. All the while managing the terrain in your favor as you fight to gain points and defeat your opponent!! 

You can battle one on one with a friend, play skirmishes or you can build a co-operative dungeon for competitive or casual play. Overall, the miniature game offers a fun tabletop version of the online game for the avid tactician. The game is quick to pick up and the rules are easy to learn. 

This pack will not contain a map, bases, or dice; you will need a starter pack to get your adventure started! 


World of Warcraft 

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